Claire Suchet

PhD events



· In the Real Jardin Botanico, in Madrid (Spain, 11/26/08)

· In the GDR of Ecologie chimique, in Saint-Etienne (France, 10/28/08)

· In the GDR of Ecologie chimique, in Marseilles (France, 10/28/09)





· Suchet Claire, Dormont Laurent, Schatz Bertrand, Giurfa Martin, Simon Valérie, Raynaud Christine, Chave Jérôme. Submitted in New Phytologist Pollinators can discriminate floral scent in two wild subspecies of snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus)


· Suchet Claire, Raynaud Christine, Chave Jérôme. In prep. Heredity of flower scent in F1 and F2 crosses of two distinct snapdragon floral volatiles blends (Antirrhinum majus)


· Suchet Claire, Raynaud Chirstine, Chave Jérôme In prep. Eastern Pyrenees variations of floral scent in two subspecies of snapdragon and their hybrids, impact on the ecological network




· Bertrand SCHATZ and Laurent DORMONT from CEFE, Montpellier, France

· Martin GIURFA from CRCA, Toulouse, France

· Pablo VARGAS from the Real Jardin Botanico, Madrid Spain

· Pierre RASMONT the University of Mons, Mons, Belgium

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